Cosmos 2560

Screen shot of the launch of the Cosmos 2560 satellite

So, here is the news. Yesterday night or today very early morning depending on which time you consider valid, having in mind for those that do not know that the only place which discusses the concept of Time in the whole world can be found at Lomonosov University, the ANGARA 1.2 light rocket launch took place at Plesetsk Cosmodrome. It is in Russia’s Arkhangelsk Region, far away from the now tricky Kazakhstan cosmodrome, used more for marketing and commercial purposes. Serious ones of course, as it takes astronauts to ISS and other countries’ satellites to orbit. Russia gets paid for it. No sanctions were applied. Satellites are not cats or Dostoevsky to be on the sanction lists.

However, yesterday the Russian MOD satellite called COSMOS 2560 was launched. Serious business, as it has to do with the capability of Russia in space. Common sense conclusion.

So, nothing special, as many countries are launching their military satellites and do not even widely advertise the events.

Well here, it looks like there was a message!

First, it is the “Z” sign that appears for one second, and then, as it tickles the curiosity, there is the name and number.

So COSMOS! And 2560. The number 2560 can be simplified to- 2+5+6+0= 13= 1+3=4

And it was launched 15/10/2022= 1+5+1+2+2+2=13= 1+3=4

There are no coincidences! The universe works while we sleep!

What does the number 4 represent?

If you have in mind that so many events including WWI, WWII, Special operation, Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Declaration of independence, etc.. were connected to number 5, more of which You can find it here, the importance of symbols, for those they now become significant.

Number 4

Reminds you that you are safe, well, and good

“It is the number of support and stability, so it’s about rooting down and taking care of yourself and your life.”

and in tabula smaragdina it represents the number, “Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, Wind carries it in its womb, the Earth nurtures it.”

We will prevail.

And another interesting point from the past is Helena Blavatsky’s relationship with Colonel Henry Steel Olcott. Both were founders of the theosophical society that was established in New York City on 17/11/1875. If you simplify the numbers

1+7+1+1+1+8+7+5 = 31= 3+1= 4

There are no coincidences as those they know leave symbols behind! That is the real power! The faster you comprehend better for you.

We have number 4 fighting number 5!

And number 4 will prevail.

Simple and true.

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Happy awaking!

Awaking is not always happy at the beginning but as time passes it will become! You will love it!


Darko Richard Lancelot


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