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Quarantine Diaries and Beyond 227 pages eBook will inspire you, maybe awake and definitely make you more aware, let you learn, and hopefully drive you to investigate further sharpening your common sense.

You will read about simplicity, love, ordinary things (as “simple” breathing), is it protecting others from yourself a humanity manifested at its highest levels, Thomas Paine and his Common Sense, Leonardo da Vinci, Colonel House, Conspiracy Practitioners leaving the theory to theorists, Greek Zorba, and Alan Ford, about Chopin and Eminescu and about Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur, Trumpism that came, that is now gone and preparing a comeback, Nikola Tesla, Orwell, vitamin D, some details of the Rosenau 1919 experiment, important today also, about professor Carroll Quigley, the Purpose of Existence, Real Education (Old School), to not believe in anything based on fear, and instead to believe in yourself and your own abilities, and many more. 

I will be happy if I could contribute to add to or sharpen your dimensions and the way you look at the world.
We are born to live together and practice mutual aid! Feel that “in the long run, the practice of solidarity proves much more helpful to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations!” Work for long term gains as a person, as a family as community and as a nation!
I hope this book will provide inspiration and add creativity and awareness to every one of you!

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Darko Richard Lancelot

Once rainbow always rainbow

Wishing you love, health and happiness


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Everything starts with the coffee(extracts from the eBook)

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“Coffee shops are used to fight the monotony and boredom of social life.
From 1661 when an Indian called Budan brought the coffee to Amsterdam, the seeds for establishing coffee shops were planted. People started to use coffee shops for drinking this “magic” potion and exchange ideas, gain knowledge, and comment about everyday life. Generally to socialize freely! Coffee shops were not only serving coffee to the people. They were serving people offering coffee and the right atmosphere enabling them to open to one another. Coffee shops firstly became the places of awaking. Then when the concept of awaking started to affect the ruling class, coffee shops were penetrated with manipulative strategies. But till today, manipulation intensity is low there! We, the people, manage to purify the atmosphere by inventing new ways to communicate and awake each other.
I will share two stories that happened at the coffee shop I usually drink my morning coffee.
After the first quarantine and while we still have a lockdown after 11 pm, visiting the coffee shop was more than a ritual! I felt that the majority of us were coming there to feel awakened after a long sleep! We were starting to rediscover the significance of visiting a coffee shop.
One of those days, I wanted to make the atmosphere more alive and started playing the capital cities game! Capital cities game is the game of geography and imagination and further of inspiration and awareness. You say the country’s name and ask the people to tell their capital city!
That was the game I used to play with my children with the companion of the atlas.
We were looking at the atlas contemplating the position of the countries and learning the names of their capital cities. Then, at the second stage, the atlas was closed, and the blank paper entered the game!
I started to draw the shape of only one country and then asked my children to let me know which countries were bordering that specific country and what are the names of their capital cities. As they slowly found the answers, I transferred my pen through the imaginative ocean and asked them about other continents’ countries and capitals.
When I started the game at the coffee shop, my dear human beings serving the coffee began to react and started to play the game. We “found out” about Australia capital-Canberra, Venezuela’s-Caracas, Chile’s-Santiago, Turkey’s-Istanbul, Romanian-Bucharest, Peru’s-Lima, Nederlands-Amsterdam, India’s-New Delhi, Pakistan’s-Islamabad, Malaysia’s-Kuala Lumpur, Ireland’s-Dublin, Serbia’s-Belgrade, Cyprus-Nicosia till the moment where a beautiful young lady asked about the capital of Madagascar!
I must say that she found my “Achilles tendon!” I did not know, even that my mind immediately went to the story of an Italian friend of mine who adopted the child from Madagascar! But, still, in vain, I could not recall the name of the capital!
So, we agreed to open the internet and find out!
So we were delighted! Valentina, that is her name, that she found a capital I did not know, and me that I learned it!
The result was that we all, including our dear friend George, were wholeheartedly smiling and enjoying these beautiful, highly human moments where we did not talk about “flattening the curve” and counting bad things but learning new positive, inspirational information!
Inspirational as by mentioning all these capital cities we were initiating imagination and dreams how life should be! Contrary to all those that want us desperate and in fear! But the story did not finish here!
The next morning I came to the same place, and Valentina and George greeted me with broad smiles and happiness one can easily feel when all is genuine! Then it happened!
Valentina’s beautiful hand went into the pocket of her trousers where she took one piece of paper! She smiled. Her sweet, humble, human, genuine smile disarmed me, and I was waiting to see what happens next.
She asked me: ” So, what is the capital of Madagascar?” Hahaha. I forgot!
I said that I had forgotten!
She took the paper and read it-Antananarivo!
I was, and I am still impressed with her zeal to play and contribute to our psychological, human well-being! Both George and I were utterly and positively amazed by her attitude and way of thinking! Antananarivo became the code name for initiating all that human, genuine friendship between us! Valentina is the name not to be forgotten!……..”

More inside the book


Darko Richard Lancelot

“Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” eBook First edition 22/11/2021

eBook          ISBN: 978-9925-594-57-3

All rights reserved

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook


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When you order please send mail to philosophyofgoodnews@gmail.com to enable us to send you the eBook immediately! Thank you! And as Bob Dylan said-“Stay Observant”!

I had a talk with one of the people interested in the book. I told her that for the investment of 9€, you will find ideas and thoughts that will bring joy and boost the awareness of our existence. Without letting me finish, she asked what the future dividends were?! Well, dear, I said, the “dividents,” if we could call it that, is the realization that we are not material beings who only eat, drink, sleep, have sex till this magic called life passes, but that we have a deep spiritual meaning for our existence! The rest you will find inside!

Quarantine Diaries started in March 2020 and continue nearly till today. That is why the word beyond is there. What do we do during the quarantine and lockdown? Some investigate, some recall their memories, and some do the repair work at their homes, while some do all that and write about it. This book has it all, but there are no answers! You will be inspired to find the answers by yourself!

Readers review:

“To be or not to be…..

I have been following Darko for many years and have followed the birth of his book step by step. Master in saying and not saying, hitting and hiding the hand, Darko has done a remarkable job in terms of content and research. His audience needs great attention and curiosity in following the logical thread of his writings.

The most striking thing is the positivity of his message to all of us, his generosity in sharing passion, love, knowledge and intuition.

Like a patient spider weaves its web every day, Darko writes his thoughts, his discoveries and his message is clear: better be!

A gift of great value in a time where everything seems to be worse but in reality it does not go, we will not allow it.

Thanks Darko!

Adriano Davidoni”

From Backpage

We live in a world made of manipulation, lies, and fairy tales. You will find the truth when you break free, place the fear in the position where it belongs, and start feeling. Intuition sharpens, stereotypes disappear and you wake up timidly taking the first steps of a new self. That new, old self you were deprived of. And all that depends only on you. Just YOU! This book will inspire you to boost your curiosity and learn more about personalities that left with us many deeds that became seeds for the advancement of humanity, no matter the current circumstances.

Seeds that were planted by the people like Nikola Tesla, and car without fuel and electricity, Leonardo Da Vinci with Mona Lisa being Caterina Cornaro-The Mona-Lonely Lady, Antoine Bechamp and fermentation, Eminescu and freedom, Kipling values, Colonel Edward House vision and influence and modern beginning of Conspiracy Practitioners, and people behind Alan Ford or Greek Zorba. And many others you will read about inside.

I leave you with one word meaning all and showing us the way for our existence – LOVE!

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Let your soul be your guide


We live in a world made of manipulation, lies, and fairy tales.
Manipulation keeps you intact and busy not to think to investigate further; lies are used to attack common sense and project the fear of losing conformity, pseudo conformity, and fairytales that serve as a sweet without letting you learn how excessive sugar affects your health. This state in which we are brought and positioned can stay forever. But it will not as the universe is constantly changing! Whatever brainwash is applied and exercised, it is always a matter of time when it will stop. I shily tried in October 2020 to share my thoughts about all this greed that is overwhelming us, where many of our fellow human beings lost a measure of what is enough!
Some of the comments about the article were that this is impossible and that the writer, me, is just out of touch with reality.
Well, that would be a compliment as many new ideas when they were first presented had critics of conformists and status quo lovers. Without new thoughts, the world would never advance!
Domination of paper money, wrongly as an asset, made us lose our natural human values of togetherness, love, altruism…
Running after money, thinking that it is the only power and meaning, the purpose of existence continues today with all those ultra-rich thinking that they own the world and their inhabitants.
Without inhabitants, they forgot that they would not be that rich.
This is why there is a must to limit the amount of richness and reeducate people about fundamental human values!
At the same time, it is crucial to let people learn from the schools, if not families, about corruption and how it reflects our whole existence!
It is time for all humanity to follow universal human values, other than what is in fashion today as greed, insidiousness, and nefarious acts.
New lessons of Humanity, Integrity, Togetherness should be introduced in primary schools! In the way of games and practical projects!
One of my friends sends me a comment regarding my statement from the beginning of this article, stating that “it takes a long way and a lot of work with yourself to reach that point,” but that it is worth every effort and challenge…

My reply was that a good start would be by reducing conformist bias.
All that work would not be “a lot” if we start educating our children about universal human values. Only then will we and our planet have a future!
So, we better start practically “yesterday” to reach the future faster!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond Extracts

Here are some of the extracts from the upcoming book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond to be published soon.

Day 33

Today I had in mind how I would describe myself in one photo.
The above photo, the photo I use in the philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page, was in front of me to help me reflect on the daily, 33rd day, state of mine!
I smiled for a while, looking at the picture I took some four years ago. It had a meaning. I did not recognize the uniqueness of it immediately as I got enchanted with the number 33. However, lockdown made my mind clearer, and I got an exciting vibration while looking at it, especially that it was day 33 of our quarantine! It looks like the picture was waiting for the right time to reveal its true meaning! I felt like a cat from the photo that comfortably and with great care and a sense of security, sits under the table, by the sea, breathing the air full of rare iodine, protected from possible wind or rain and, yes, extensive sun. The cat has a measure for everything! I need that measure also. All of us, don’t we?
Number 33
There are many different explanations about this double three number.
You have them presented, and you choose what suits you! That is also a game, I thought. Why are we left to choose from many explanations? Maybe to test ourselves unconsciously, or that there was a need for the real meaning to be hidden.
I took three from many explanations.
1)The word amen has a value of 33 in simple English gematria: (a=1)+(m=13)+(e=5)+(n=14) = 33
2)Arsenic, a.k.a. The Poison of Kings, has an atomic number of 33. Its alchemical symbol looks like a partially formed Star of David
3) And as I like anatomy, the human spine is made of 33 individual bones or vertebrae
The rest you can find on the internet, including Pythagoras and Newton 33s.
One table, one cat, and one number. What else do we need to spring our imagination and travel with our mind where ever we want, freely!

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Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

From Foreword: “To be or not to be….. I have been following Darko for many years and have followed the birth of his book step by step. Master in saying and not saying, hitting and hiding the hand, Darko has done a remarkable job in terms of content and research. His audience needs great attention and curiosity in following the logical thread of his writings. The most striking thing is the positivity of his message to all of us, his generosity in sharing passion, love, knowledge and intuition. Like a patient spider weaves its web every day, Darko writes his thoughts, his discoveries and his message is clear: better be! A gift of great value in a time where everything seems to be worse but in reality it does not go, we will not allow it. Thanks Darko! Adriano Davidoni”


Darko Richard Lancelot

All Rights Reserved


Connect and Respect

Green Pass/Safe Pass/Code Pass/

Are we sane? Do we realize where this all is going? Do we comprehend that no matter about so called science represented by idiots, we are not walking but running towards abyss!

The concept guys planners and practitioners managed for many of us to get the liquid. Now when is getting obvious that the liquid does not protect as much as they the intellectuals yet insidious idiots propagated and advertised, they do not have an issue at all! Their best defenders are those that got the liquid, that one called new generation liquid, as it is logical and it is common sense for those, our fellow human beings to protect their decision as liquid, with all ingredients is circulating in their blood.

Well, those should react and demand explanations, not those that did not get the liquid.

So those pro-liquid should become anti-liquid when their concise awakes!

Those not receiving the liquid should not react at all. At all.

Those should organize peacefully and make parallel society awaiting many of pro-liquid to join. Hopefully before being thrown into the well

That is it!


More soon!



To enhance or to suppress?

Courtesy of O.A.

In recent weeks many beautiful events have occurred that made me more confident that HUMANITY WILL PREVAIL!
Meeting people with different backgrounds, speaking different languages, having different life experiences helped me realize that we all have one thing in common!
I will publish the stories of two recent trips soon as they will be included in the book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” obviously, on the “Beyond” section. The stories from the bus and people speaking 12 different languages and still not only understanding themselves but feeling compassion and recognizing with respect the opinions of each other. Trust was built, and human life stories connected with happiness, disappointments, love, and pain came from the soul and were shared between us.
Some time passed, and while my heart was sending the signs to the brain to be inspected by the soul and write about it, I came across important information concerning the status and development of the current situation, which was in perfect accordance with my intuition which was trying to keep me awake and aware all this, nearly two years.
So-called scientists still do not know what kind of power our brain has. Also, those so-called scientists do not know what the connection between heart, soul, and brain is. They, the so-called mainstream scientists, disagree that the soul exists.
However, like when we cleavaged the atom, not knowing how to merge it back and still proceeded with it freeing tremendous radioactive energy capable of destroying us all, the same is today when being greedy for more power over human lives blinds us from nurturing our human brain and instead, as some say, try to cover it and suppress it, some point, with graphene “an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms.”

Graphene structure

Investigate by yourself what this guy is talking about. The question which would be good to be answered by each of us would be: Is this what we are getting or are pushed to get helping to enhance or to suppress our immunity? Is it Pasteur or Bechamp? Find out. The beauty of finding out by yourself is tremendous. It will help you to find a way to concentrate better! To read more and start finding those messages that are hidden between the lines.
As so-called scientists well presented in the Taleb article ” The intellectual yet idiot,” do not know what our brain is capable of they will be surprised when all this experiment crashes on their heads and the heads of their investors and corrupted officials in every segment of social life! Every segment!
The secret of human existence will never reveal itself to those sick minds.
That is how the natural forces react!
Billions or trillion do not have any effect!
Just pure, simple, human soul, heart, and brain have!
Investigate again and again as it has to do with the most precious thing you have! YOUR LIFE!
And do not stop for a second. Take away your ego and bring back your natural ability of LOVE AND COMPASSION towards your body and fellow human beings. THAT IS CALLED TOGETHERNESS!
The togetherness, so beautifully and meaningfully showed in the above picture of those great ladies, courtesy of an O.A.

Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Lost Swimming Trunks


Swimming trunks forgotten

Who cares, you or some of you would say when reading the title! But if the title was “She Again!” then your blood would start circulating faster as your curiosity would immediately reach high levels! Well, I was thinking of controlling the circulation by slowly going to the point! But in vain! However, the title was a good try!
There are life situations when the “point” does not care about blood flow and blood pressure. It happens, and we need to accept it, live with it and definitely enjoy it!
Let me try again to calm the feelings and go around a bit.

Yesterday, I went on an excursion to see places I already saw before. It was an excellent opportunity to renew the awareness and live the excitement again! All went beyond high expectations, and after visiting one ancient citadel with the breathtaking view of both sides of the island of Cyprus, we went to see another ancient city radiating magic! I often felt it there, the first time being in September of 2016 when I attended “Antigoni,” a theatre play performed by Cyprus Theatre Organisation. The ancient theatre of Salamina was full of people awaking the magic, which had some decades to reveal itself! This is how my connection with this place started. When things go another way than expected, it is always nice to have a place, a magic place, to raise your morale and positivity.
The place which sharpens receptors, enabling you to feel the magic in the right intensity! After you realize that all that magic is YOU! The site helps as long as you are ready to help yourself first!
Now, after many times of visiting the ancient city of Salamina, it is not necessary to go there often, as the connection, some kind of telepathy is established, and only by thinking any required sort of healing takes place.
Believe it, it is possible, and you can also feel it. Choose your own “Salamina,” and try to forget something to go back again and live the surprise made by Gods!

We came to Salamina after 5 pm, and as the site was closed, I decided to go for a swim at a nearby beach, attracted by heartbreaking music from a nearby beach bar. As it was windy, I savored the waves with my eyes looking at the ruins of Salamina that rose shyly, reminding me that I was at the friendly place! My place of magic. Most of my friends decided to sit at the Bedis beach bar and have a drink, so I did the same after forty minutes of making friends with the sea. After having a shower, I changed and refreshed, took a seat at the bar, and ordered a nice chardonnay. The wine was beautifully cooled, transferring me to the dream mode!
This was when it happened!
When back on the bus I realized that I forgot to take the swimming shorts I left at the chair to dry!
To go or to not go back, I thought during the ride towards Nicosia.
Then I remembered my friend Adriano and his beautiful introduction to my upcoming book “Quarantine diaries and beyond,” which answered the question “To be or not to be?” with a statement I used for the book cover!
“Better be!”
So, I decided to go the following day to the same place, and, if I find my “legendary” swimming shorts, bought by my ex-wife, to have an early morning swim!
That is what has happened and is still happening till I write this!
I came, I found my swimming shorts as it got good care by the staff of Bedis beach bar and immediately went for a swim!

And there was she looking at me! Not only looking but smiling also. I turned around to see if somebody was behind me, and when I saw no one, I started examining the person. She was the woman! Woman with all necessary standards, plus plus plus and such expressive eyes!
I do not want to reveal to the detail how she is looking. That will stay our little secret. But I will share how pleasant conversation can be when you do not speak the same language!
As I was swimming and she and her friend were under the sea dock enjoying the “secret” but highly inspirational place, we exchanged looks and started smiling at one another. They went out, and I followed them to take my camera and get the photos under the sea dock! She gave me the idea!
As I was taking pictures, she came and asked if I want her to take photos of me inside of the dock! Well, you understand, obviously, that I said YES! Huge but balanced, yes!
This is how our friendship started and how we learned a couple of words from our different languages.
Her friend, her and me, had a coffee, slowly learning about who we are and what we do. The learning will continue.
The magic forces of nearby Salamina made me forget my swimming shorts, decide that it is better to be, and go back to Bedis beach bar where I found it and found a new beautiful friend.

Instead of sleeping, wake up and follow the magic!
It will reveal herself when the time is right and not when you want it!
So be consistent and arm yourself with a lot of patience!

Happy be and BETTER BE!

Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved


Connect and Respect