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It is not right the one who is right before the time comes

Awaking is possible-Always

“Midday breeze relaxed mind squeeze New ideas born, extracted is the thorn soul becomes airborne!” Darko Richard Lancelot We are approaching the times of uncertainty and turbulence. Those times will be more difficult as we became conformist and lost freedom to act for the common good. We are afraid to lose something that is alreadyContinue reading “Awaking is possible-Always”

9th of May – Awaking

Who ever likes to sleep is encouraged to continue. When the time comes you will wake up by yourself. In the mean time some can continue swarm-buzzling while at sleep. All is human. The tragedy of the rats. It looks like “they” wanted to become rats. Underground rats that show their strenght only when inContinue reading “9th of May – Awaking”

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