Insane Delusion

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It is throughout the history that we have those creatures around us acting for us without us! They are delusional and insane. Tragedy.

Serbian writer who was living in London as a dissident said in his 1983 book “Rabies:” “Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reasonableness, and allows idiots, only if there are enough of them, to rule the world.”  That is exactly what is happening. Long time!

The term insane delusion is used by J.M.Keynes in his remarkable 1919 book “The Economic Consequences of Peace.” The sentence uses another term that reflects today’s state of mind of those that would like to be called leaders- that of “reckless self-regard.” That is somehow being projected by the spoiled so-called leaders to the rotten societies being divided between “exceptionals” and “deplorables!”
However, I must say that Cambridge still radiates that subtle yet powerful energy where the independent and common sensed minds are being molded to be of great use to humanity. Or, unfortunately, misuse.

Listening to how the narrative of those that would like to be called leaders develops, one can not stay calm. Calmness is not the state we need to be in now. We need to demand answers! Not LIES but TRUTH! The times are not for lies to govern! Even if you want to protect your family by destroying whole societies! Instead of talking about riding horses and insidiously laughing about a bad joke told by the “young leader” of Davos moron, you at the round table could concentrate, if you still can, on how to avoid the disaster you made! You that influenced the technocrat to say at Munchen conference on 22nd of February 2022 that Russia can not demand anything and that will have more instead of less of NATO at its borders, and further, to foster the actor to demand nuclear weapons to be placed in still operational silos in his lands, making all this mess and tragedy just to cover so many of your misdoings and corruption involved.
Misdoings as printing many trillions of your currencies, making them not worthy of paper being printed on, where Japan’s bankruptcy is awaiting to be announced, while you struggle without any idea what is to be done except less shower… Supported with charts! Shower in charts! Wooow! Such a vision!
Do not forget that, whatever time passes, you will be held accountable to the people you represent! All of you.
Maybe that is why you want war! Perhaps you think that you will be there forever! But nothing is forever, and the world is changing!
America will reform! Not with you! The UK will reform also. Not with you! EU, if it wants to survive, will reform. Not with you. Canada will also reform, but without young Davos leaders. Those new leaders will DEMAND that you be held accountable for all disasters that happened on your watch, like bombing innocent people in Iraq( 500000 children died, which was a “very hard choice but worthed!” WORTHED ), Libya(do you remember who said with a smile: “we came we saw he died?” Came, saw died), Yugoslavia( By the way, the Serbs had the most refugees in the whole of ex-Yugoslavia, but “it was worthed?”), Jemen, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Biolabs in Ukraine and near China borders, virus escaping and jabs coming, demanding the Attorney General of the place on the “edge of Europe” to be sacked, to receive a billion-dollar credit, just to protect the family! If this was not one of the many bribes, we lost the meaning of the word bribe! Or as more extensive the bribe, it will be less believable! Who cares about that it is our “THE PEOPLE” money! Who cares that the people of that place at the “edge of Europe” are forced to fight a war that it can not win!
But the jokes about riding are great?
A complete mess of the “reckless self-regard” creatures.
You can have twenty diplomas, ten PhDs, seventy masters, and know ten foreign languages and still be a psychologically crippled creature.
The power is a heavy burden for those that are narcissists! And always ends tragically! Always!
If it was only for them, it would be ok, but when those crippled creatures take with them whole nations, that is the highest crime against all of humanity!

To finish, or better to prepare the beginning of the following story, here is one of the extracts from J.M.Keynes Book ” The Economic Consequences of the Peace:”
… Europe is apart, and England is not of her flesh and body. But Europe is solid with herself…… They flourish together, and their structure and civilization are essentially one. They flourish together, they have rocked together in a war in which we, in spite of our enormous contribution and sacrifices ( like though in a less degree than America), economically stood outside, and they may fall together. In this lies the destructive significance of the Peace of Paris. If the European civil war is to end with France and Italy abusing their momentary victorious power to destroy Germany and Austria-Hungary now prostrate, they invite their own destruction also, being so deeply and inextricably intertwined with their victims by hidden psychic and economic bonds…. “

Use your imagination and project by changing some of the geographical names and think, why is this war called a “special military operation?”

God help us all!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


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  1. Thank you very much for bringing to my attention this 1919 book of J.M.K. I did not know that he wrote it! Also thank you for reminding me about the importance of Geography. So valued post! Take care and God Bless! Joseph

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