“Magnificent” Chess Player-“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”

The legend of the light at the end of the tunnel for your and your neighbors’ imagination

The stage for today’s events was set at the moment when the so-called west understood that the looting of Russia that has been set during the tragic Yeltsin years, would not be possible anymore on the scale that it was. Russia was recklessly robbed with trillions of USD transferred to the west and its dominions for laundering. The appetite and greed of the looters increased. The so-called west was so sure about its power that, as usual, has omitted to project that the Russians have their unique way of advancing. West did not play chess. Or, if it did, could not recognize its deep meaning. Russia used all that time to advance new technologies and apply them to the weapon systems that are still a huge question mark for all those western scientists from Belgium, the UK, and the USA. As the west runs after weapons systems, the Russians will be advancing in trade! 

One of the lessons those so-called intellectuals of the west that Nicholas Taleb called idiots never learned is the story of Kutuzov, Napoleon, and Tsar Alexander I. That story says that when Tsar Alexander was asked why Kutuzov did not use his cannons that exceeded many times that of the advancing French army, he replied that no one could either interrupt or suggest anything to Kutuzov. Maybe the Marchal overslept the time when Napoleon advanced and decided to let him proceed further, the Tsar continued. 

Kutuzov knew what magic, unexplainable effect greed has on the so-called Western mind. Nothing has changed. In the so-called collective west, greed governs, and insidious people are selected by the grand looters to execute their plans of enslaving and sucking dry so many places and nations living on this, our Earth. When the term collective west is used here, of course, it does not apply to all the people but to those who are the minority, those who created the system that makes them exceptional in every segment of life, the same system that enslaves their own citizens with stupid laws, obligations and sophisticated ways of robbing their hard-earned income. And that is not enough! Now, those criminals want to reduce us all, by propagating AI. What they are preparing for us is genocide. Remember that, and remember that well. It is coming. Do not think, ” oh, it will not be me,” because it will be and you! Russia is only another excuse to let you swim more in the lukewarm water and enjoy it till you become incapacitated to jump out of the pot.  

After the disastrous results regarding the one billion adopted sanctions against Russia that failed, the common sense conclusion of the policymakers in the so-called west, those “intellectuals yet idiots,” was that if we can not rob Russia, then we need to tear her apart and reduce it to 50 million inhabitants. 

That was confirmed, unintentionally, when the big tongue ex-president of one of the USA allies in East Europe publicly said it. It is the same country whose ex-foreign minister said “Thank you, USA” after blowing up Nord Stream pipelines. 

However, they again forgot to comprehend that the “Made in Russia” trademark is being slowly introduced to the world. Everything is in public, and you can find it on your own. To help you-National security strategy of the Russian Federation no.:400. New high-tech products will start appearing there and these morons, who call themselves planers will once again fail! Like that Imperial College LOCKDOWN projection! Do you still remember or your memory became like a fish?! Can you imagine what kind of “gurus” those big-name educational institutions employ? So many of them are there that the previous Prime Minister of the UK Mr. B.Johnson publicly invited Russian scientists to go to the UK to pursue their carrier. Russian cats are under sanctions, but Russian scientists are welcome. 

By the way, Emperor of Russia Alexander I, was also the first King of Congress Poland from 1815 and the Grand Duke of Finland from 1809. 

Two hundred years is nothing for history. 

What we experience now will worsen, and become unbearable to many people, firstly in Europe and then in the rest of the so-called rules-based places. 

Some decades ago in 1974, this time not the son of John but only a John, John le Carre wrote the novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” It is highly recommended for reading as nothing changed! IQ did not change, narcissism, greed, egoism, and low morale also. It is in a way tragic showing the degradation level as now the UK Prime minister needed personally, and publicly to invite the scientists from Russia to escape and betray their country.  

“Do you know what is killing western democracy, George(Smiley)? GREED AND CONSTIPATION; MORAL, POLITICAL, AESTHETIC. I hate America very deeply. The economic repression of the masses is institutionalized. Even Lenin couldn’t foresee the extent of that.” Words from the traitor Bill Haydon, who, as per the book, was recruited as a polymath at Oxford. What an exciting idea of John.  

The chess is continuing. However, the west is short of new Boby Fishers and Nigel Shorts. 

And the clock is ticking….



Darko Richard Lancelot


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