Quarantine diaries-Day 10

Day 10Below is the article from March 2017.It is about “The Third Wave” experiment taking place in 1967, trying to explain the obedience and acceptance of the German population of the Nazi regime. Four years before, in 1963, there was a Milgram experiment trying to measure the “Obedience to Authority.” Interesting how all have someContinue reading “Quarantine diaries-Day 10”

Quarantine diaries – Day 8

Day 8Is it possible that some of the non elected officials want to usurp the power from elected representatives of the people?Serious question for extreme times?I have a strong feeling to believe only the elected Presidents who have the power to make decisions!Only them! Whoever they are and wherever they come from! People are good!TheyContinue reading “Quarantine diaries – Day 8”